Sunday, July 15, 2012

yet another new beginning

All my socializing and gadding about seems to be over for awhile, so i start being perfect again tomorrow.  I know, i know -- i meant to do this exact thing last week, but it was easier said than done.  It's awfully hard to eat simply when someone else's tastes and appetites are to be considered too.  Also, my husband likes to cook, and it's darned difficult not to eat what he prepares -- you can imagine....

I started being more disciplined today (yesterday we were the guests of some friends, and i was pretty wicked). We had bacon, scrambled duck eggs*, buttered paleo toast and coffee for brunch, and after i returned from taking him to the airport, i had my beef and decaf for dinner, then had the last glass of red wine in the carafe -- waste not, want not!  Tomorrow it's back on the Strong Medicine regimen, because it controls hunger better than any means i know -- and having been corrupted with too many carbs over the past day or two, i BADLY need to get hunger back under control.  Right now, i've got a pretty bad case of the munchies ... which i will NOT yield to!

Tomorrow it's to be all meat and coffee, and i have a treat lined up -- a pastured pork roast that should last me at least four meals.  YUMMMMM!  I can see the scales readings going down already!

*  it surprises me that duck eggs haven't become the new magical food in the paleo world -- they're marvelous things, containing more nutrients than chicken eggs ounce for ounce, and more yummy fat, too!

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