Sunday, July 8, 2012

made it!


The most punishing aspect of my return home from San Francisco may just be the climatic change!  Although we missed the 107-degree high, when we landed it was around 80 and it had been raining -- STEAMY!  The flight went well, especially since my husband had been bumped up to first class and gave the seat to me!  Bless him and splash him!!!

The house was still standing and the dog was still fine!  As i predicted, our dog-sitter reported that Spense had an anxiety-filled Fourth, but recovered by the next day, so all's well that ends well.

Tomorrow (TODAY!) it's back to being perfect.  Gotta do some meat-shopping!  :-D


  1. My dog (8 mos) is still afraid to go in my yard as this was where he was "attacked" by the neighbors fireworks when I let him out to go potty on the fourth.

    How did the TSA treat you at the airports? I had to go to the SS office a while back and I was rather incensed when they pawed through my purse.

    Happy meat shopping!

  2. :-) thanks! i'm headed for the store (Sappington Farmer's Market) that has the great local produce and cheeses, pastured pork and other good food!

    it's interesting how different various airport experiences are. in some towns, they're very stiff and distant or (as in SF) professional but willing to smile. logistics of "security" is also variable, some being laid out more efficiently.... yesterday wasn't bad; short lines, but bottleneck where one recollected stuff.

    is there any greater joy, though, than sleeping in one's own bed? :-D