Tuesday, July 10, 2012

malnutrition causing hypothyroidism?

In THIS body, i think the answer is YES.  Other people often have different causes.

I was diagnosed at the age of about six months.  At that point, i had been fed artificially for about four months.  Back in the 1950s in Kansas, that would have meant cow's milk with added sugar; perhaps i had been started on cereal by that time, too.  I know NOW that i am sensitive to pasturized dairy, wheat, other gluten grains, corn, nightshades and molds (think candida):  hmmmmm....

What nutrients are crucial to thyroid function?  Maybe those minerals which don't get absorbed well when one's intestines are being irritated by the diet, like iron?  Maybe things that aren't plentiful in midwestern soil, like iodine?  Maybe things in foods that people don't give babies under 6 months, like liver and eggyolks?  Again -- hmmmmm....

As a child i always craved protein foods -- MEAT.  I think this was my body telling me what i needed to be healthy:  amino acids, saturated fat, trace minerals, B-vitamins.

Why do so many women develop hypothyroidism in middle age these days?  Is it because they're being so "good" they're starving themselves of the nutrients that they require to function properly?  We've been told for a long time that RED MEAT is wicked, you know!


  1. My buddy got high LDL and insists it is because olive oil is adulterated. I don't think she eats much protein either, and certainly not seaweed.

  2. i suspect she would benefit by a nice fat rack of lamb!!! ...sounds good, even though i just had a nice beef tenderloin steak! ;-)