Tuesday, July 31, 2012

a good diet will spoil you

It's been almost a week since i ate The Salad of Doom, and my gut flora haven't perfectly recovered yet.  A respected fellow blogger had a carb/protein fest, and it took her brain awhile to get back to normal again, even after reestablishing ketosis.  Some people have one taste of a "trigger food" and they can't stop.

The aged or damaged body doesn't behave the same way as the bodies of the young, fit people who participate in a lot of the dietary trials.  Only a simpleton would expect them to.

We seem to be finding that, although our bodies had managed to function on what they'd been accustomed to, once we put them on a regimen of a more optimal diet, there's no going back.  A diet full of sugar or sugar-resulting foods wreaks its damage SO slowly and progressively that we don't notice it; reintroducing such foods when we have become accustomed to functioning without them produces havoc almost instantly -- like watching a flower wilt via time-lapse photography.

I've come to believe that the phenomenon we call "aging" is actually the result of slow-poisoning -- a carbohydrate-accelerated process of nutrient deficiency and accumulated organ damage.  There's also the diminution of enzyme production; i can't put off writing about that much longer.  In the presence of any imbalance, the body makes an adjustment, which alters another organ's function, which makes another adjustment, ad infinitum.  It's like how carrying a heavy purse on one shoulder all the time makes every muscle group in the body change structure.  The first day you tote that purse around you don't notice it, but after 30 years, you don't stand up straight anymore.

Once we, as adults over 27 (when enzyme use slows), drop our junk-foodstuff-chowing ways and eat what nature intended, the body starts performing better.  It will only go back to these semi-foods kicking and screaming, as i've found out.  Numerous times.


  1. Definitely. I noticed that if I ever eat wheat now or even something less offensive like rice (supposedly a safe starch lol), it fucks me up for days, I can't get back to normal... weight, mood or digestion wise.

  2. i seem to be able to eat a small amount of white rice, such as in sushi rolls, but i'd be afraid to use bowlsful of brown, the way i used to!

  3. Grains literally effect me like seconal now. A brief guilty kick, then crash. Have to be very careful with these refeeds. I do wonder about damage done while I indulge from time to time. Definitely food for thought. I do crave nori, but know I can make sushi without the sticky rice. Wish I could find those nori snacks Ive read about!

    1. i have a package of nori patiently waiting in my pantry for me to get around to making it -- can't remember where i found the recipe, though.

  4. @keto

    Grains are the most damaging carbs because they not only give you a bolus of glucose but all the antinutrients as well. Have you considered other sources of carb for your refeed / cheating days? I find white potato, sweet potato and especially bananas less problematic. Don't let that charlatan Lustig put you off all fruit. If you're ketotic most days, fructose from 1-2 bananas every once in a while is harmless.

  5. Thats certianly what I need to do Sidereal. Ive been patting myself on the back over the last few months over finally letting go of the fast food binges, but its time for an even better refeed purification stage. Tess, what types of rolls do you fancy?

  6. i'm not enough of an habitue' to remember their names -- i have to read the description every time. :-) can't go wrong with a California roll, usually. i had a really wonderful one, with eel, avocado and cucumber (no rice) once ... but the doggone restaurant closed up! (Chitsuru in Houston)