Friday, July 6, 2012

another check-in

lol -- Y'all are going to get tired of hearing from me, today.

I've been catching up on miscellaneous posts as well as checking places where i've left comments and not been back, during this my day of recovery before i allow an airplane to stress me (i hate flying these days)....

One thing i've noticed the last few days is how dopey my thinking has felt.  Unless i'm much mistaken, i've been speaking more disjointedly and have been more easily distracted, too.  Having had nothing but coffee with cream and stevia (and supplements) for the last 18 or 19 hours, i feel as though my brain is coming back.  For me, this is the sine qua non of existence.

The "ghrelin effect" has kicked in, too:  that keen and alert feeling which encourages me to go out to hunt-and-gather....  ;-)

Ok, i'll shut up.


  1. Welcome back. I love travel, but I also love coming home to my own home and my own food.

  2. "there's no place like home!" ;-)