Friday, July 6, 2012

when will i ever learn?

This week of indulgent vacationing is almost over -- thank heavens!  ;-)  It's been something of an inversion -- a PERversion of what food-elimination diets are all about.  I've eaten things over the last week that i KNOW i should not eat, and am observing the consequences -- and don't try to tell me it's a reverse-placebo effect!

I have body-aches that i haven't felt since last year.  Anyone who has read some of my oldest postings might remember my awe when, after three weeks of the Personal Paleo Code program, i took a roadtrip and found that i was able to get out of the car (after driving for 6 hours straight) and experience no stiffness upon moving around.  At the time, i was SO impressed with the effects of the frequently-problematic-food avoidance, i couldn't see ever eating them again.

I ate them this past few days.  OUCH.  Wheat.  Corn.  Sauces containing mystery ingredients.  Industrial seed oils.  Sugar.

I HAVE had individual-meal "excursions" before, from my ideal diet, with limited repercussions.  One day of being "bad" can affect my knees, my water-balance, my allergies, and/or my digestion.  It takes several days to give me this gawd-do-i-feel-old sensation.  I'm sitting here right now with my feet up, leaning back comfortably against cushions; my lower-back hurts, my upper-neck hurts and my temples ache -- inflammation causes my glasses to fit poorly, and i get a pain behind my ears, as well.  I woke this morning with my hands and feet aching from the water retention.  Climbing out of bed was more trouble than it has been for seven months; i limped to the next room.

Today i'm fasting until dinnertime, and i anticipate feeling MUCH better.  I'm also going to do a little upper-body bodyweight exercise right before dinner -- some planks, maybe some pushups.  (Weightbearing exercise, especially in the upper body, is reputed to burn a LOT of glucose/glycogen.)  I'll be drinking as much coffee as is comfortable, with cream if i start feeling hungry.  I CAN LICK THIS!  ;-)

When i fly home tomorrow, i trust i'll be feeling at least a little better than i do right now.  When i get there i'll start being "perfect" again.  Perfection is MUCH easier than moderation.


  1. "At the time, i was SO impressed with the effects of the frequently-problematic-food avoidance, i couldn't see ever eating them again"

    I wonder how many times we have to repeat this lesson? It's like the definition of insanity. My daughter (19) started dating and of course, her diet went crap. She knows better as she complains how crappy she now feels. She waffles between being back on plan and total annihilation of it. I hope she figures it out sooner than later. Hope you end the day feeling much better!

  2. thanks, Suzie! :-) yeah, this time i "sinned with my eyes open" though -- i KNOW what happened, and know it's my own fault. a glass of wine and a game of bridge, and pretty soon i'm gobbling kettle corn!