Sunday, July 29, 2012

the light comes on

The big lightbulb over my head finally came on, concerning my particular "problem with plant foods."  I took some probiotics this morning.

So as not to provide TOO much information, let us just say that Dr. Donaldson is right about lettuce:   "one of the hardest foods to digest that is known."

Gotta get more meat out of the freezer -- i think it's time to defrost the BIG BRISKET.  :-D


  1. Aww damn it, lettuce is like the ONLY vegetable I still eat! And that's only to deliver more fat, vinegar and salt into me. ;)

  2. i guess my gut flora weren't ready for all the fiber! funny, i haven't noticed feeling stopped-up, just thought -- "no output... hmmmm...."

  3. B R I S K E T is the word at the bottom of my food pyramid!

  4. brisket is the ultimate comfort food for me. of course, rack of lamb is the ultimate indulgence -- i hate to order it in restaurants because i want to chew the last morsels off the bones and lick my tallowy fingers. mmmmm..... but then there's lobster, which is the most delictable vehicle for butter i know.

    i think i'm getting hungry.