Sunday, July 22, 2012

the morning after: me eating "well"

Yesterday seems to have fixed the "misbehavior" of the day before.  I had 1400-1450 calories instead of 1100, and i almost slept the clock around:  all caught up!  The scale is down again.  Oh, i did have a bit more carbohydrate, as my supper was a glass of home-made raw-milk kefir.  I also had two glasses of champagne* with my steak and butter for dinner.

I'm almost coming to the conclusion that the alternate-day fasters have a good idea.  Not that i would go the length of eating ANYTHING i wanted on the feast day, but just loosening the reins a little seems reasonable and effective.  Remember when i said that "shaking things up" seems to help break a plateau?  It kinda looks like the ADF'ing might be doing this in an ongoing fashion -- you never HAVE a plateau because you're constantly breaking up the tendency.

* i know, i know -- you shouldn't call it champagne unless it's FROM Champagne, and this is from Limoux....  :-P


  1. Interesting, tess. I noticed I do rather well weight-wise if I fast one day a week, usually following a carb blowout day. It helps long-term compliance IMO to have a cheat day, though different people have different personalities so for some people it's better to stay away from carbs entirely whereas others can eat some carbs without it becoming a slippery slope toward croissants and icecream for breakfast and pasta rice and bread for lunch and dinner. ;)

    I would just caution regarding ADF. Many women don't do too well at all on IF regimes no doubt for nebulous endocrine reasons. Seems a lot of females end up with functional hypothyroidism / adrenal fatigue.

  2. yes, i don't think i'd do it all-out -- just similar to the way i did accidentally the last couple of days. for one thing, i do get hungry on nothing but creamed coffee, by nightfall.

    i'm lucky that i'm able to have a little of a treat without it "setting me off" for a binge....

    [eyes rolling] i DO like to see where there are differences in the way men and women vary in studies, and it often takes a Hyperlipid to go to those details! we learned (or SHOULD have) long ago that WE don't always react the way THEY do!

  3. Interesting...I have noticed, on occasion, that if I've been eating well (i.e. low carb, moderate calorie) for some time and then have a day where I eat A LOT and a way over my carb goal, I'll often get on the scale expecting to be up a lb or 2, and acutally have dropped. Anectdotal of course, but interesting. During the work week I try to go 16hrs between last meal of the day & my next meal at least several days/week. Haven't noticed any real benefit in terms of weight loss though.

  4. yes, me too. if i weren't INCLINED by nature to skip breakfast, i don't think it would benefit me, but who knows....

    :-) i love it when a lot of us have "anecdotal evidence" which is very similar -- makes people look like fools who insist that anecdotal evidence isn't significant!