Friday, July 20, 2012

progress addendum: exercise

One of the things i intended to mention but never got around to is exercise -- for the most part, i haven't.

Yes, yes, i fully realize that exercise has numerous health benefits, having nothing to do with aerobic capacity or calorie burning.  There have been times when i've conscientiously done my duty -- walked, bicycled, yoga'ed, lifted -- but this year so far has not been "it."   Circumstances have simply been discouraging me from doing much, lately.

In the middle of January i started attending a dance class -- hurt my knee and slowed down for MONTHS.  It still gives me trouble.  When i've been in California, i've walked (or perhaps i should say, been on my feet) extensively but it hasn't been the kind of walking that feels like a brisk hike -- i.e., EXERCISE.  Some of my other excursions (and incursions ... of guests) have entailed a good amount of on-foot time, too, but it's the kind that more exhausts than invigorates.

Not to say i'm completely idle.  I do my own housework and go up and down countless flights of stairs when i'm at home.  (I tried to count how many trips one average day, but lost count at around 18.)  I do light gardening.  I carry suitcases and bags of dogfood and my reenacting trunks and large containers of water and tubs of coconut and palm oils....  "Moderately active" is the box i check on questionaires.

There's the walking debate then -- my husband likes to take the dog for a walk in the morning before we go out to breakfast: i often have to disappoint him by not going along.  I'd have to take the walk, then come home and wash the sweat off before putting on going-out clothes and shoes OR i'd have to wear heeled sandals at this time of year on the walk before driving to the restaurant.  :-P  I really prefer walking in the late afternoon, because the heat generated dampens my appetite for supper.  It is now midsummer in the midwest -- no way on god's green earth am i going to go for a nice brisk walk when it's 100 degrees in the shade!!!

I HAVE discovered the joys of the Tabata sprints on the stationary bike.  I just haven't gotten in the groove of doing them regularly.  When my knee is acting up, even the bike hurts.

So i'm doing a lot less than is ideal.  I am nevertheless doing well with diet and weight-loss.  Scheduled exercise is NOT a sine qua non.


  1. I often wonder if the people who declare in order to maintain their weight loss, they have to exercise like crazy are actually just unable to sit still. One thing Taubes pointed out is if your metabolism works, you WANT to exercise. I don't believe exercise helps me in any way with my ability to maintain or lose weight, but after losing over 100 lbs., I really miss my walks and the little workouts if I don't get to do them. When I was heavier exercise was just like torture.

  2. i agree! if you notice, on her "up" days Wooo reports hardly being able to sit still, otherwise doesn't court exercise. i belong to the club that thinks EVERYTHING conventional wisdom says about diet and exercise is arsy-versy.

    then again, i couldn't count the number of times i've MADE MYSELF go for a walk, and once i was going i was glad i did.... AND when it's not so doggone hot here, and i take Spense for his walk in the afternoon, i DO experience lessened appetite. me, it helps some, but i don't HAVE to do it.