Monday, July 16, 2012

thinking too much (by others) again

I don't know if this should be filed under "orthorexia" or "wasted youth"....

I no longer have a link to Mark's Daily Apple on my site, but i still strongly respect the guy.  He's no Peter or JS ... but then he's no SG, either; i don't agree with all he writes, but i still consider him reasonably reliable and not devious at all.  Of his readership, i don't think nearly so well.

The muscle-heads asked him some questions which he answered in his column today, and i have to be astonished that the former have nothing more important to occupy their thoughts.  How much is too much coconut milk?  How important is it to have cookies and/or juice after i give blood?  Is it okay to drink distilled water?  If i think i've depleted glycogen stores in my body, can i still deposit fat in my cells when i eat carbs?  JEEEZ!

Do these people have jobs, relationships, LIVES?  Some folks have REAL problems.  Some are out there trying to make the world a better place.

Rant over -- thanks.


  1. I guess it is not like they have real jobs to go to...

  2. you have to wonder, don't you?

  3. I don't agree with Mark 100% either. You can see that young readership all full of piss and vinegar filling his comment section up with a little too much swagger for my taste as well. D#@* I wish I could be 24 and know EVERYTHING again. That was such a blissful feeling. One thing they don't seem to get about Mark is he deals in principles, not strict, rigid, highly detailed plans. Flexibility to reach as large an audience as possible is a trademark of his. Nice rant!

  4. the advantage of blogging is the opportunity to vent from time to time.... Mark has quite a number of intelligent people who follow him, but it's a rare event that the comment section is anything more than a testosterone party -- even by the girls there! the columns, i read pretty regularly, except the "success stories" which got old real fast.