Sunday, July 22, 2012

so much for the pyramid (or plate)

I have some butter that needs using.  Much as i like my butter-bell for keeping the stuff spreadable, if i don't use it comparatively quickly, it starts developing a bit of an odor and discoloration.  I pulled out my earliest copy of the Joy of Cooking to see about making a good butter cookie dough with rice flour, to freeze.

I LOVE old cookbooks.  As a living-historian, being familiar with them adds a lot to one's "impression" -- popular recipes DEFINITELY change as time goes by.  Not only the recipes are interesting, though, as the meal plans, "necessary" kitchen equipment and so on are often fascinating, and inspire some interesting antique-hunting, too.  I've got some really unusual reenacting "toys."

GUESS WHAT I FOUND!  :-D  Health recommendations from 1943:

"A daily diet list for balanced and protective meals.
   1 quart for each child
   1 pint for each adult
Fruits and Tomatoes:
   1 or more servings of citrus fruits ... tomatoes or tomato juice or any raw fruit or vegetable rich in Vitamin C
Bread and Cereals:
   2 servings of whole grain or products made with enriched flour
   At every meal ....
   1 or more servings of green leafy or yellow vegetables
   2 or more servings of potatoes, other vegetables or fruit
   1 each day or at least 3 or 4 a week
Lean Meat, Poultry, Fish:
   1 or more servings
   May be added to satisfy the appetite when a sufficient amount of protective foods has been eaten"

I wouldn't call it optimal, myself, but beats hell out of the advice we get these days.

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