Monday, July 16, 2012

another Mercury Retrograde

Here we go again.  The MR started over the weekend, and as i mentioned (repeatedly) in March, all kinds of frustrations are likely to occur for three weeks, involving travel, communications, electronics, buying/selling, learning/teaching....  So hold on to your hats ... er, patience!

The secret to "surviving" a MR is to check and double-check EVERYTHING.  Leave early, mail it registered, take an extra battery for your cellphone -- you get it.

On the other hand, retrogrades are good for some things.  Old projects which are unfinished may get a new lease on life.  You may run into old friends, or regenerate a relationship which you thought was over.  Watching old movies and listening to old music will be particularly appealing, and nostalgia will be in the air.

Me, i'm going to be working on the renovations of my living room, which have been in process for YEARS.  I have every confidence that it will work out well.


  1. Yay a fellow astrology psycho.

    I consider astrology a sort of religion. I know its bullshit but I BELIEVE IN IT.

    What is your sun/moon/asc?

    I'm a Libra/Pisces/Libra <--- fluffy idiot right hurrrr

  2. hardly a "fluffy idiot"! Libra is constantly looking for balance -- sound familiar? :-) Pisces has a little of every other sign in it, but retains its wateriness in a subtle way, a flowing....

    i'm a Cancer/Sagittarius/Virgo. is it possible to be more all-over-the-place?

    it's nonsensical as it's described for people who don't seriously study it, but the fact is, it works -- that indicates that there's more to it than appears on the surface. if you think of the cosmic influences of each zodiacal phase as invisible causes (like a hormone), and the Signs are just SYMPTOMS of its predominance, it might resonate with you more.

    e.g., when the moon goes into Leo, the atmosphere gets like it's testosterone-filled, so be prepared for people to strut and show off, and if you have something to do that requires bravado, this is the time for it. the name Leo and the Lion are just mnemonic devices.

    have you ever read "The Mystical Qabalah" by Dion Fortune?