Saturday, May 25, 2013

posts long overdue....

...but i have absolutely no excuse!

I seem to go through phases of writing less and more, and commensurately reading more and less!  Funny.... Currently, i have two books "in process," "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living" and "The Fat Switch."

The former impresses me; it's pro-low-carb in a different way from what i usually read on this subject, less "sold" on the subject and more scientifically convincing.  After reading so much that's pretty repetitive, the different tone is refreshing and affirming.  I KNOW low-carbing works well for me, and this book is giving me a new perspective on WHY.

The latter book is very interesting, though i don't agree with some of the ideas it espouses.  It "feels" so conventional-wisdom-esque in many ways.  However, it offers a different point of view (and mechanism-ideation) for some of the things we observe but the proposed rationale for which seems inadequate.  IT COULD BE that the reasons for a high-carbohydrate diet being deleterious for some of us belong in the close-but-no-cigar department.  After all, i know that excess carbs in my diet make me fat as well as causing me to feel awful, but there are shortcomings in a few of the theories extant concerning WHY.  This book offers alternative pathways.

Meanwhile, i'm feeling like i'm letting people down by not writing my planned series of posts about the Low-Carb Cruise.  It was a VERY positive experience and i benefitted quite a bit by having participated.  I learned something from everyone who spoke, and i had a good time while i was at it!  Some interior motivator is causing me to delay writing on the subject, though -- can't tell you why, but i feel that when i finally do, it will result in a better "product."  ...So i appreciate everybody's patience, and hope that as i become inspired to communicate more, it WILL be worth the delay.

Monday, May 20, 2013

FINALLY at home

Well, actually, we drove into our alley parking spot at about ten, the night before last.  Yesterday we went out and bought groceries (way out in the country for our pastured pork) and have been busily unpacking, and also ordering things we found out about during our trip, and some things we used up during it.  I ran out of magnesium, zinc and B12, and am very low on systemic enzymes and pregnenolone; i haven't had ANY mucuna for three weeks, and replenished a couple of things while in Houston -- why is it everything seems to need refilling at once?  :-)  The supplement bill is a killer this month.

What with a million smaller mental/emotional annoyances and a few larger physical ones (like weather which exacerbates physical malaise), i've been pretty stressed for the last couple of days.  I find it impossible to get my husband to understand that i NEED to take it easy for a little while, to recharge my batteries.  "Normal" people will NEVER be able to fathom the problem of low energy and physical limitation.

He's outside mowing the over-grown backyard while i write this.  Me, i'm in my nightie sitting in the "bedroom reading chair" with my overheating laptop perched on a big book (to keep it from scorching my thighs and turning itself off...).  I've had a sinus headache for days, on and off, because of the damp weather and springtime pollen-fest both in Houston and here.  Our carpenter MIGHT be coming today but i'm not sure.  We DO need to look into the problem of our new 4-gig data limit (phone and portable modem) inexplicably using excessive amounts of our allowance while we're asleep.

Our Spenser was a very good dog during the whole ordeal (from his point of view) -- he DID take a nip out of our SIL, but it seems to have been our daughter's "fault" for rough-housing with her friend and upsetting him.  :-(  SIL was just in the wrong place at the wrong time....  He got along with his host-dogs very well, and the kids are getting better at coexisting with him (though they know they can't hug and pet him the way they do with their own "normal" dogs).  But Spense is getting old!  He needs shorter walks these days, and too much departure from his usual diet also discombobulates him.  I cleaned up an "accident" this morning, and that's unusual for him.

As i said, i'm feeling pretty stressed.  Sorry about the bitch-fest.  On top of still not having my "dopa mucuna" i've also been trying to minimize alcohol, that great numbifier.

As my diet gets back to normal, i anticipate better physical/mental/emotional tone.  Can't happen too soon!

Monday, May 13, 2013

"they're ba-a-a-ack!"

Well, kinda.  We disembarked yesterday and are recovering at our daughter's house in Houston.  We'll be a couple of days here before continuing homeward.  WHEW.  Good trip, but travel is always rather exhausting!

We picked up some interesting info, and my husband is all gung-ho to make progress on HIS weight loss ... which helps!  When he wants to go out for meals often, and sits in the backyard shade with a cocktail and a book, it's awfully tempting to indulge myself, too.

The first thing on my agenda is to drink plenty of coffee and water -- i always end up with messed-up hydration when away from home!  Not only is one running around and talking more (which both cause more expending of water), but frequently the quality of the rehydration liquid leaves a lot to be desired.  At home, i drink water from our RO system every time i take one of my many supplements, and all ice and coffee and cooking waters are equally clean.  It turns into quite a bit by the end of the day.  Away from the house you're rarely quite sure what you're consuming, in many ways.  AT LEAST the latest information suggests that the danger from water bottles is less than was feared....

Actually, thinking about the problem of what is in one's food-away-from-home, i come up with a corollary to the iniquitous food-reward notion:  in seeking to increase market-share, food manufacturers add in abstruse as well as obvious appetite-encouragers; the problem is NOT the yummy hyperpalatable "food", it's the appalling TOXINS which have been added to make it addictive.  Whaddaya think?  :-)

I've been chattering, haven't i?  ;-)  Just wanted to let you all know that we survived, had a great vacation and learned some solid stuff while we were away!  I took some notes that are worth passing along, and when i become a bit more mentally organized (i.e., caffeine-sufficient) i'll be working on the best way to share the wealth.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

you say veegan, i say vaygan

Exactly why i don't link some sites that i still occasionally read....

As a native American-English speaker, i envy Spanish.  With a few exceptions, the letters are pronounced the same way all the time.  The evolution of English has been quite different, though, and from a logical point of view, our spelling is completely absurd.  It's still INTERESTING, reflecting the rich cultural history of the British Isles and the passage of time on five continents and numerous islands, but i'm sure glad i never needed to learn it from "outside."

Even WITH the confusion associated with spelling and pronunciation of what is no longer "the Queen's English," in every part of the globe, where the hell did the inspiration come from to pronounce that word VEEEGAN?  Vegetarians don't pronounce their "title" veeegetarians, nor do we pronounce their foods-of-choice veeegetables.  I'm inclined to describe those strict anti-animal-product-eaters as "veggan," with the "short e" we first heard of when learning to spell in the first place, because to me that's logical.

What's THEIR rationale?  And why do they get so unhappy when we apply reason to their pronunciation (not even mentioning their dietary choices)?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

lead-up to vacationing

If you think i've been remiss about posting lately, you're really gonna be disappointed with me over the next week or so.  ;-)

The last few weeks have been busy and stressful to us.  My husband finally talked me into getting assistance with our living-room rehab, and although the lady and her assistants were outstanding painters, the wallpapering job was not even up to my amateurish standard.

I'm a worrier.  I worried.  It cost a lot and i had/have a lot of amelioration to do.  STRESS.

Our tile for the fireplace hearth and surround are chosen, ordered and delivered.  Our carpet, ditto. We don't know exactly when/who will undertake their installation.  More stress.

...But not for a couple of weeks, at least.  If he MENTIONS the rehab while we're having our holiday i'll hurt him.  WE'RE GOING ON THE LOW-CARB CRUISE!  :-)  I'm SO ready to forget about everyday problems for awhile!

My eleven-year-old Volvo made it the 800 miles to Houston without incident, although it's behaved most irresponsibly recently.  I myself managed to avoid a meltdown, despite the fact that i worked my ass off the last couple of days and had three VERY inappropriate/inadequate meals in a row.  J has neither killed nor been slain.  Our thirteen-year-old spitz survived fourteen hours in his crate without actually biting anyone, throwing up or excreting where he shouldn't.  ALL IS WELL.

I'm greatly looking forward to meeting some legends of the low-carb world, as well as soaking up some sun after our long cold winter, making new friends, and being completely lazy and self-indulgent for a week or so.  If i'm inspired i might write again before we sail, and ditto between Cinco de Mayo and Mothers' Day -- we'll see.  For now, happy May Day, babies ... or should that be M'Aidez?