Monday, May 20, 2013

FINALLY at home

Well, actually, we drove into our alley parking spot at about ten, the night before last.  Yesterday we went out and bought groceries (way out in the country for our pastured pork) and have been busily unpacking, and also ordering things we found out about during our trip, and some things we used up during it.  I ran out of magnesium, zinc and B12, and am very low on systemic enzymes and pregnenolone; i haven't had ANY mucuna for three weeks, and replenished a couple of things while in Houston -- why is it everything seems to need refilling at once?  :-)  The supplement bill is a killer this month.

What with a million smaller mental/emotional annoyances and a few larger physical ones (like weather which exacerbates physical malaise), i've been pretty stressed for the last couple of days.  I find it impossible to get my husband to understand that i NEED to take it easy for a little while, to recharge my batteries.  "Normal" people will NEVER be able to fathom the problem of low energy and physical limitation.

He's outside mowing the over-grown backyard while i write this.  Me, i'm in my nightie sitting in the "bedroom reading chair" with my overheating laptop perched on a big book (to keep it from scorching my thighs and turning itself off...).  I've had a sinus headache for days, on and off, because of the damp weather and springtime pollen-fest both in Houston and here.  Our carpenter MIGHT be coming today but i'm not sure.  We DO need to look into the problem of our new 4-gig data limit (phone and portable modem) inexplicably using excessive amounts of our allowance while we're asleep.

Our Spenser was a very good dog during the whole ordeal (from his point of view) -- he DID take a nip out of our SIL, but it seems to have been our daughter's "fault" for rough-housing with her friend and upsetting him.  :-(  SIL was just in the wrong place at the wrong time....  He got along with his host-dogs very well, and the kids are getting better at coexisting with him (though they know they can't hug and pet him the way they do with their own "normal" dogs).  But Spense is getting old!  He needs shorter walks these days, and too much departure from his usual diet also discombobulates him.  I cleaned up an "accident" this morning, and that's unusual for him.

As i said, i'm feeling pretty stressed.  Sorry about the bitch-fest.  On top of still not having my "dopa mucuna" i've also been trying to minimize alcohol, that great numbifier.

As my diet gets back to normal, i anticipate better physical/mental/emotional tone.  Can't happen too soon!


  1. Hi Tess

    ..... and a big welcome home.

    The trouble with going away is, you need another break to get over it and back to normal!
    Some may not agree but I do so often feel this way. I often take an extra day or two just to get things sorted out, life things like washing, shopping, re-stocking etc.

    Keep as chilled as you can, and perhaps, as you are trying to minimize alcohol, I'll have that glass of wine for you to toast you feeling more chilled LOL !!!!!

    All the best Jan

  2. thanks, Jan! :-D i do so agree -- i've known people who say they're grateful to go back to the office, because they can rest up there after their "vacation".

    go ahead and have an extra glass on my behalf -- but i'll still have one later, myself. ;-)

    sad news for YOU, though -- you probably heard that Robb didn't make it to the LC Cruise after all -- his mother had a health crisis. i WAS going to have my husband take a photo of RW and me, with me "not touching" him, JUST FOR YOU, but alas it was not to be....

    1. Tess, I would have been extremely jealous of that photo !

      Seriously it was a shame RW couldn't make the cruise, I do hope his mum is feeling better. For now I'll just have to look at some of his other photos. LOL

      Cheers Jan

    2. for what it's worth, i'm a convert to his "NorCal Margarita" recipe -- as low-carb as a good cocktail can get! :-) on the ship, it's impossible to tell bartenders to take a jigger of fresh lime juice, add a packet of splenda, then.... i sure wish you and Eddie would join us for next year's cruise!