Monday, July 30, 2012

brisket's in the oven

I had a coffee-fast yesterday (with coconut milk).  The scale still hasn't budged.  My mind and my body are obviously having a very fun time stymying me and defying the laws of physics this week!  ;-)

The mind is working on sneaking up behind, today; yesterday was about ketosis and autophagy -- today is a protein re-feed.  I have a steak marinating to take care of it until the brisket is done.  Taking a hint from Mrs. Beeton, i sprinkled a tiny bit of allspice on with the salt and pepper, and sealed it in its foil coffin before popping it into a low oven.  I would have gone the whole way a la Flamande, but i don't have any carrots....  I like to half-cook a brisket, let it cool and slice it before putting it back in the oven to tenderize.  Trying to slice a TENDER brisket produces huge quantities of shredded beef, which is less desirable when you don't eat sandwiches anymore.

Interestingly enough, Mark's column today answers a question about carb re-feeds, and i was proud of him -- this guy is no simple-minded extremist, even if he is a jock!  ;-)


  1. Have a happy protein day Tess! I just stopped by MDA and enjoyed that article as well. It is nice to have bloggers who understand the complexities and dont get all old testament about things.

  2. Ps - saving my nickles for a notebook, I think blogging would be fun. I noticed my roommates ipad has auto-spellcheck, how considerate that would be for my readers. ;)

  3. ...just so its spell-checker doesn't do what people's smartphones occasionally do -- substitute the absolute WRONG word! ;-)