Saturday, July 21, 2012

ME ... eating too LITTLE

It's a little tiny bit hilarious to me, a problem i awoke to this morning.  I was cold, and looking at the clock found it to be only 5 a.m.  When i got on the scale, i hadn't made progress.

Like flicking a switch, i accidentally ate too little yesterday and my metabolism took a nosedive.  The MOST interesting thing about it (to me) is that i was far from hungry; i consumed my pound of fatty beef plus a little more, and ended up like this at ~1100 calories!  Good lord, when i think back on all the days of my youth when i ate 6-800 for days on end....

Well, the good thing is, i don't feel draggy and energy-less, just a little sleepy from my short night.  I already had a hearty breakfast, and will make sure to eat something carby with tonight's steak.  Ah, the good ol' cosmos, wanting to make sure i never run out of things to challenge me!


  1. Yeah, I hardly ever accidently forget to eat-(:
    ...but much more likely to happen when I'm eating <20g carb daily...
    Q: was Carnitine a recommendation of yours? If so, do you have a dose range that you think is a good place to start? I've added back in a tablespoon of C.Oil in the a.m.- may try to add another tbsp in the evening if/when my GI will tolerate.
    I think you saw my LONG post on Sidereal's blog, so you probably saw the supplements I'm currently taking...any other recommendations?
    I appreciate your feedback and, having enjoyed your comments on Woo & Sid's blogs, have now found yours! p.s. it's okay if you're not a doctor and don't wish to play one on the internet...I do however, appreciate input from a select few I feel are grounded in intelligent, thoughtful experience and information.

  2. :-) thank you, Kim -- i feel like such an amateur beside them, but when i was looking for ideas to cope with my problems, i saw that sharing experiences amongst similar body-issues could be beneficial ... so i started! glad to "meet" you, and i appreciate your sharing!

    carnitine is one i haven't tried yet. Wooo takes it, i understand, but i haven't read enough to have an idea it would benefit me. i already take so doggone many things, i hesitate to add more.

    one thing i take that "nobody" else does, is a systemic enzyme. i'm convinced they're helpful. this provides a simple introduction to the subject: and this provides another discussion: .... i should probably write something about them; it's interesting that they've been in use in Europe and Japan for half a century and hardly anyone knows about them here.

  3. Thanks Tess, I'll take a look see (:
    p.s. LOVE the Peggy Lee song