Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Son, you're on your own!"

Fred at Philosophy of Weight Management has a column that's very much to the point, today.  Everybody and his dog has something to say about obesity -- where it comes from, what to do about it, and who's at fault.  Few, however, are actually helpful.  Further, there are a great many entities which have a great deal to lose if a "cure" is widely available -- and these entities are frequently the most vociferous about what we should be doing.  (It's obvious how effective their advice is, too....)

How can anyone trust the advice of those who are making a lot of money out of the overweight???  But people do.  [eyes rolling]

We have to make ourselves responsible for our own health, because nobody else really has a stake in it.  If you must have a doctor to help you with some aspect, you should do your homework and see if his/her philosophy jibes with yours.  There ARE low-carb-sympathetic doctors out there, just as there are those who have had weight problems of their own.  Some of them have licked their weight challenges; i can only imagine that they have a little more insight and empathy than the always-lean ones -- but if they succeeded through starving and running marathons at the age of thirty, and you're 55 and female ... who knows?  ;-)

I'm sure i'm preaching to the choir when it comes to those who read here often.  I just hope that any newcomers will be inspired to think about it on my suggestion....

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