Friday, June 1, 2012

sometimes, fasting just FEELS good!

With one thing and another, my dietary habits have been VERY discombobulated this week!  I did well at my event, but not at my daughter's house.  It's a social thing -- we talk a lot and drink more wine absent-mindedly, then our inhibitions are down and we eat things we shouldn't.  Yesterday i fasted till mid-afternoon, and i felt significantly better ... till i overloaded at dinnertime.  My digestion felt very "off."   This morning, even coffee doesn't sound very good.

Here in the Houston area, it never gets COLD, ever.  Nor does the humidity ever go away.  Mold is a problem, and i'm sensitive to it.

When an animal doesn't feel well, it goes off its feed, and even children instinctively lose their appetites when under the weather (till their ignorant parents succumb to marketing, and ply them with drugs and drinks).  Nature knows what she's doing.

I've learned from Nature, too -- our afflicted digestive systems "reset" themselves best when not burdened with input.  I'll be taking it MUCH easier today, and staying away from "yeast" foods like cheese, wine, mushrooms, etc.

Dr. Donaldson, in "Strong Medicine," spoke extensively about allergy, and Dr. Atkins devoted a couple of chapters to food sensitivity as well.  The variety of unpleasant symptoms possible when one eats "incompatible" things is truly impressive.  Who would think that a little sugar would result in sinus issues ... but it can.  Ditto for pollen in the air and weight loss, and for a surprising range of foodstuffs and athlete's-foot.  One of most beneficial effects of an all-fresh-meat diet MAY just be its low-histidine aspects.

Thank heavens i have some potato-based gin to fall back on if needed -- less reactive than things like wine and grain alcohols!  Alcohol HAS therapeutic uses, after all....  ;-)


  1. I must say, this is the first allergy season that I've been on VLC paleo and I haven't had as much as a sniffle. I don't want to jinx it by celebrating prematurely but OMG. :p When I used to eat sugar and grain, I was dying with allergies.

  2. the difference is significant! i still have sensitivities to various pollens, but compared to how i used to be, it's wonderful. :-) the real test would be to have been on ZC for a month then go to sagebrush country....

  3. Oh yes. ZC is great for this sort of thing. I find all my allergies, rashes, GI issues are eliminated on an all-meat diet. Is it even possible to be allergic to meat? It seems to be like the perfect food.

  4. I am the same, sugar + grains = allergies.