Thursday, June 7, 2012

"I have to eat what i enjoy eating"

I have a friend who thinks he's losing his sight.  It's apparently an unusual condition, and his treatment is progressing via experimental means.  I don't believe they've given him any counselling on how nutrition may impact his prognosis, but it's hard to tell -- he's one of those who is not amenable to discussing his food choices. My title today is a more-or-less direct quote.

Pity.  If only more doctors had a clue about epigenetics and a truly science-based grasp of nutrition, they might possibly convince their patients that their intake has a significant influence on general health, NOT just their weight.  My friend is a hard-worker and is not fat, but he loves candy.  I strongly suspect that the blood-sugar spikes aren't doing his eyes any good.

Some people you just can't help.  Whether it's that they don't believe nutrition affects their physical condition, or they think the gains won't be enough to repay the "privation" ... i can't tell ya.  Perhaps they've tried the dumb little fads they've read about in the popular media, and have naturally gotten no benefit -- that's a distinct possibility.  Now, they won't even consider making changes; "i have to eat what i enjoy."

One female relative doesn't believe there's anything wrong with her food choices, and won't entertain thought that she might be gluten-intolerant.  Another has bone, stomach and intestinal issues, but is an adamant believer in "moderation" and hates taking pills (even though K2 comes as a sublingual); she glares and says, "you eat what YOU like!" ... What she doesn't seem to understand is that i forgo an awful lot of things i think are tasty because i know they're not good for me, and that i've deliberately cultivated an acceptance of things i didn't originally like (liver!) because i know they ARE.

I guess it boils down to what we value in life.  If one's chief joys are gustatory, and one is able to be in denial about the impact diet makes on well-being, i have to shrug my shoulders and quit trying.  For myself, being able to inhabit a "vehicle" which delivers minimal pain for an acceptable amount of mobility and energy, is worth a little self-denial.

Yep -- i like cookies, lasagne, margaritas, tamales and italian bread, too.  I just don't think they're worth the suffering they inflict.


  1. Amen! I find it so frustrating when people (who would clearly benefit from carb restriction) won't even listen to what you have to say about nutrition. I try not to take it too personally. :p You're right, TV and magazines are guilty. People are sick of rubbish advice they're bombarded with 24/7.

  2. writing this blog has been therapeutic for me in that respect -- i can still express what i want to tell people, even if they disregard it. maybe SOMEBODY will benefit, even if i can't influence the people i'd like to!