Wednesday, June 6, 2012


As usual, J Stanton inspires....

He observes (among other things) that, though real "news" in the paleo blogosphere is rarer and rarer as time goes by, we still avidly pursue the trickles of information that emerge, searching for ... something.  Of course we do.  Seeking to improve our lives is a basic human drive.

Some lucky people really don't have much to gain by way of health, fitness and well-being, others desperately seek the youth they've lost, and way too many are looking for the properly-functioning body they never had.  Therefore, separate camps have evolved, and thus support systems exist for all conceivable subgroups.  This is highly appropriate -- but it's absolutely absurd that the camps should each consider itself THE One Holy Catholic Church of Radiant Health, and all others HERETICS.

They just need to be honest with themselves about what their specific goals are.  A lot of them aren't, and in some cases apparently can't.  Egos have taken over.  The desire to help others has been subjugated to the desire to lead a cadre of idolaters in some cases; to build careers; to get approbation from the kewl kids in order to bolster fragile self-esteem.  Even some whose scholarship can hardly be doubted damage their potential influence through their overweening arrogance.  Sad ... and self-defeating.

All the groups have their places, because they're serving the needs of some very different people.  The young and "unbroken" human body cannot be the experimental model for the ideal treatment of the older and "challenged" -- how could anyone expect it to be?  Isn't it OBVIOUS that there are no easy universal SOLUTIONS?  Some information is generally useful, and some completely individual, like what supplements will really benefit health.  I'm constantly amazed when people who don't know anything about ME will make absolute pronouncements about what i should and should not take.  How can some people be so presumptuous?

Disagreements are bound to happen, since one man's meat is another man's poison.  I started this blog because i couldn't find one that chronicled the experiences of a woman with problems like enough to mine; if a community of us might FIND EACH OTHER, our individual experiences might compile themselves into a body of knowledge that would be more enlightening than what we'd discover on our own.  What I'M searching for is applicable information.  I don't pretend to have anything to TEACH anyone, but i may be a specimen that allows others to learn.  The young and sound probably won't find much here; that's fine.  Their indifference/disapprobation doesn't hurt my feelings a bit.  I'm unlikely to learn anything from them, either, but they'll get my admiration if they earn it.

There are those who will sneer at all others whom they consider not "scientific" enough, but when their "science" doesn't take into account ALL variations of experience, they don't qualify, either.  If they provide useful information to SOME seekers, well, more power to 'em.  I just hope that the seekers whom they fail realize that there are a lot more ports in the storm.

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