Saturday, June 9, 2012

not being a party to rosaceae sexual fulfilment

;-)  i was trying to be luridly suggestive -- did i succeed?

Okay -- how about "not helping fruits reproduce!"

No?  Hmmm ... maybe, "why eating things like apples isn't the best idea"?

I've continued last night's comfort-reading session today, indulging a relaxed mood with more Hyperlipid and a generous dose of alcohol.  With my leftover spareribs at lunch i had some cabernet (and a little german-style potato salad ... <blush>), and now with my grass-fed burger (NO BUN) i'm having a low-carb gimlet.

Shall i do a special post with my decadent drink recipes???  :-D

Anyway, i was reading about cirrhosis and how those lovely hearthealthypolyunsaturatedoils RUIN your liver no matter if you're a virtuous frugivore OR a wicked lush like me.  I thought i'd trot out a simple little list of reasons why i can go weeks without even touching anything more fruity than a green pepper....

  • As Fred so clearly states, fructose (and its companion-in-crime fruit, glucose) blocks leptin signalling.  Until i'm dangerously skinny (HAHAHAHAHA) i don't see any point in ENCOURAGING my appetite;
  • Leptin aside, fruit is a famous stimulant of appetite -- just google it;
  • As Dr. Lustig so clearly states, AND Peter, fructose is nasty stuff, so toxic that the liver grabs it (despite the danger to itself) and converts it to nice healthy saturated fat for safekeeping; 
  • Fructose malabsorption is an unpleasant thing, and i'm prone to it;
  • The passage of time has proven that my tolerance of carbohydrates is quite poor, and most fruits are LOADED with them;
  • Being carb-heavy, fruits induce a massive glucose/insulin response, which will never help me lose weight;
  • As a hypothyroid, a very large proportion of fruits contain compounds which are deleterious to my gland's correct functioning;
  • There is NOTHING of nutritional value in fruit which i cannot get elsewhere, with a lower carbohydrate load;
  • Since "calories matter," "wasting" my ration on something that won't benefit me would be pretty darned stoopid!
[sigh]  Fruit is not my friend.  Won't eat it except as a rare treat.  Period.


  1. ";-)  i was trying to be luridly suggestive -- did i succeed?"

    Yes. Also, good to know that you're a wicked lush.

    My take on fruit is that it's okay as long as total carbs are kept sufficiently low. The evidence for this is that I like fruit.

    Sam Knox

  2. i like it too, but i like other things better! :-) i'll feel better about eating more when i reach my goal -- 25 bmi....