Tuesday, June 19, 2012

hurrah!!! running potable water!

FINALLY, finally -- i now have decent drinking-water in my house!  :-)  I got a reverse-osmosis water filter for Mothers' Day, and it's all plumbed in.  It serves the kitchen sink and refrigerator's ice-maker, and also our "old" fridge which lives in the basement (which is, ironically, newer than the one upstairs).  We even have plans to send a line up to the master bathroom.

If there's anything that makes me furious, it's the drugging of ignorant people as the tool for making a profit off something that should be considered industrial waste -- fluoridation of tap-water!!!

I don't know if it's an urban legend or what, but i've heard the stories that the old nazi party wanted to fluoridate water as a means of making the people more docile....  Anybody out there know the truth of the situation?

At very least, fluoride in tapwater is a dreadful idea for anybody with a faulty thyroid.  Added to iodophobia and the ubiquity of bromine and chlorine in the modern world, it's no wonder so many people are hypo these days!  Chlorine is easy to remove, but other halides can be difficult to avoid.

Clean running water in the home -- you'd think we would have achieved this a long time ago....

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