Wednesday, June 13, 2012

non-diet complications from my long absence

I had meant to be away from home just ten or eleven days -- turned out to be nineteen.  If i'd known beforehand, i would have done a few things differently.

I left my enzymes at home, because their bottle is friggin' huge.  I figured i wouldn't miss them much, but i did.

My facial scrub stayed behind in the bathroom, too, and it's going to be several days before my skin feels quite right.  Already having a million things to pack, doing without some items which i don't use every day SEEMS to make things easier and more straightforward ... but it also can turn into a handicap in the long run.  I made up for doing without my pumice-stone by getting a professional pedicure -- now, THAT part was a GOOD idea!  ;-)

I took the battery-powered disposable electric toothbrush instead of the "serious" one.  Mistake.  Yesterday i felt like my teeth were REALLY clean for the first time in a month ... especially since i ate a little real sugar, which i almost never do at home.

A lot of the little things we do every day contribute to our happiness and sanity, so when we make-do it can take a toll on well-being.  Would i have been less stressed if i had packed another bag to accommodate the daily-use STUFF i'm enjoying today?  Who knows:  all i'm sure of is, my own bed would never have fit.

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