Monday, June 4, 2012

bad diet promotes bad diet 2: the chocolate is calling

I think the stress is beginning to taper off.  [sigh of relief]

I am more than ready to normalize my daily activities, and if the gods are merciful i won't be tempted to eat significant quantities of carbs again for a lo-o-o-o-ong time!  It's so surprising how much carb-eating and alcohol-drinking have in common -- they're so enjoyable that it's easy to get started, and once started, one is less motivated to avoid temptation.

The carbs become more and more attractive, too.  Usually when i shop, i view the endless displays of CIAB with absolutely no interest.  Today, i caught the M&Ms singing the sirens' song.  I tied myself to the mast and escaped them, but i find it interesting -- after all, the lure of M&Ms isn't about chocolate as much as it has to do with the sugar.  Fine chocolate one wants to let melt on the tongue, but those little rainbow-tinted seducers invite crunching!

Well, the orgy is over, the last reason to cheat is past.  No more "having" to eat the wrong stuff!  I'll be doing the cooking here till my car is repaired, and then Spense and i will take off for home where it's EASY to be good.  I bought two pounds of grass-fed ground beef today to ease me on my way, and there's a beautiful big pastured chicken in the refrigerator waiting for me to turn it into dinner.  I face the prospect of disciplined eating with joy and relief -- and to think that some people DREAD going on a reducing diet!


  1. Cravings for CIAB are definitely linked to stress. I noticed I get no cravings unless I'm stressed / tired / upset. Best of luck with your renewed efforts!

  2. :-) thank you! interesting thing is, the stress was exacerbated BY the carbs! for some reason, the thing that called my name loudest was plain tortilla chips -- salty, crunchy, with that "earthy" flavor that corn has....