Friday, June 29, 2012

low-carb diets get a boost in reputation

The recent news of the small-but-significant randomized controlled trial is being celebrated amongst believers in low-carb lifestyles.  A few major media sources have published things with the usual uninformed comments against, but so far the "insulin deniers" in the blogosphere haven't said an awful lot.  (But i have every confidence they will, as soon as they quit scratching their heads.)

The big reason this makes me happy is, "nonresidents of the blogosphere" such as my mother, neighbor, sisters, and some friends may now hear from an "authoritative" source that LC ways of eating are not just fads and gimmicks, but are scientifically sound.  To ME, it doesn't matter in the least.

I don't need official confirmation of what i already know to be true:  VLC is the only healthful diet for me at this time in my life.  Having the NIH study and JAMA publication is convenient, so i have someplace to refer people, that's all.  Even IF the low-GI arm of the study had been shown to be more effective, i wouldn't change my ways.

I know what works for ME.  That's all that's important ... to me.  ;-)  If other people add in potatoes and are suddenly able to lose more weight, hurrah for them.  For me, it doesn't work that way.

It's not like we haven't known for a long time that higher-protein diets are more thermogenic -- some of Peter's old postings that i've been re-reading lately stated that clearly (and in passing, as though this is information EVERYBODY KNOWS).  It's just that this is a nicely-done (by all accounts) study that is harder to pick apart than something that might have been financed by the Atkins Foundation, for example.

So i'm not gonna crow, but i WILL be quietly satisfied by this small victory.  WE probably won't be helped by it, and THEY won't be swayed from their potatoes by it, but the ordinary person-on-the-street who has been failing to make progress via CW will have a better chance for rethinking his/her path now, as a result of it.  Those are the people who need it.

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