Saturday, June 2, 2012

breaking news: bad diet promotes ... bad diet!

I've been having car trouble, far from home.  The good news is, of course, that if i'm going to be STUCK far from home, my daughter's house is the best place to do it.  On the other hand, with the holiday atmosphere going on right now (the school year having ended yesterday and my husband around all week), the calm atmosphere dear to my soul has been non-existent.  I've been eating crunchy things, a horrible temptation i have when frustrated.

There's a new baby elephant in the room.  I guess i have to experience difficulties of the present kind to help keep me humble, because this is something i would NEVER have expected to happen.

My brain isn't working right.  My mood is "off," too.  My body is uncomfortable.  I'm whining....

I KNOW i need to go back to a clean diet and i'll feel much better, but my motivation is in the basement ... or would be, if there WERE a basement here.  It's kinda like in a monster movie, when a character knows s/he is turning into a badguy and doesn't want to do it, but can't stop the process.  I'm sure my regular readers are familiar with the study in which a prison population was randomized and given a vitamin or not:  micronutrients were found to significantly affect behavior.  Is the sneaking "creep" of antinutrients in a restaurant diet (even in GOOD restaurants) stealing away my brain- as well as my will-power?

Kinda looks like it, doesn't it?  D'ya ever see the sad-looking person at the next table with a plateful of pasta or big ol' sandwich that's mostly bread, and you want to say, "For heaven's sake, throw that away and get yourself a STEAK!"  It's not as easy for them as it would be for us; they've been brainwashed by their very diets.  They're zombies.  They're Indiana Jones before Short Round poked him in the belly with the torch.

Ouch.  I'm okay now.  But now i have to exert the self-discipline which gets me back onto the correct path.  I can do it.

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