Tuesday, June 26, 2012


With my husband out of town on business again, yesterday was a modified-Strong-Medicine day, and it felt so GOOOOD!  My mental fog has been lifting over the last 36 hours, my joint pain subsiding, and my exhaustion alleviating.  The bathroom scale read almost a pound less than yesterday.  Today will be more of the same.

In the throes of socializing i forget myself, and if there are contraband foods in front of me, i can't trust myself not to eat them.  I'm really safest when it's just me and the dog!  :-)  Intellectually, i know i'll feel best when i avoid the carbohydrates, and that i'll regret it later ... but the ATMOSPHERE of eating the stuff can be contagious.

Atmospheres are powerful things!  Esotericists will tell you, being around depressed people is a downer even for the most optimistic, and the company of criminals blunts one's moral sense.  It stands to reason that when you're in the company of people who WANT you to stray from your dietary straight-and-narrow, it's harder to be true to it.

So while Spense and i are alone for these few days, we'll be eating and drinking with conscious intent ... and it'll be EASY.  I LIKE meat and coffee, and other low-carb fare.  So why do i EVER eat and drink things i shouldn't?  Because they're there, and we have a biological drive to take advantage of abundant nutrients, AND a lot of people are constantly sending nonverbal (and verbal) cues urging us to be "bad."

Note to self:  when eating and drinking in the company of others, be especially aware of body language that "rewards" me for consuming things i know i shouldn't....

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