Saturday, June 9, 2012

we interrupt our regularly-scheduled rant for this important message

LOL ....

It's been a stressful couple of weeks for me, here in the land of sunshine and humidity.  Even though i've been consuming lots of things i shouldn't (as well as many i thoroughly approve of), i've never strayed in my affection for my IDEAL diet -- lovely fatty ruminants and oily fish.  I keep fruitsandvegetables at arm's-length (figuratively); i KNOW they're less-than-perfect fuels for this vehicle.

As a sort of comfort-reading -- you might consider it "comfort-food for the mind" -- i've been amusing myself by dipping into the archives of Hyperlipid, in order to relax and de-stress.  DAMN, how i love his writings.

...And lookie what i found!  :-D 

I feel better and better all the time, in doing exactly the opposite of what nutritional authorities tell me to!


  1. And then there's the experience of Terry Wahl ....

    (I did find Houston worse than NY or DC. I hated the immediate clammy condensation on my clothes, when walking from my car to a restaurant. OTOH, I went LMAO when I found out that River Oaks' socialites dictated that restaurant air-con temps were reduced by 5 F on Oct 1, so that ladies could wear the new Autumn sweaters from Nieman's. Ah, dear, dead, days.)

  2. Yep, Hyperlipid's archives are epic. I spent weeks reading the entire blog. Needless to say, it turned my world upside down. In a good way.

  3. LeonRover, i lived for eleven long years in Lake Jackson, which is about an hour's drive south of here -- nearly went batty! are you familiar with the movie, "The African Queen"? there's a scene in which they tie up the boat and get swarmed by insects ... just like going out to pick up the newspaper in the morning. ;-) worst part, it was a "dry" city, no liquor stores for miles around! [i could write a SERIES of rants....]

    Sidereal, i stayed up way too late reading his material, it was so therapeutic! i think i'm in love.... ;-)

  4. Quite awhile back, I wrote a post on "fruit fail" (the point being you can get more vitamins and less sugar on veg than fruit) and another on getting a major acne breakout on krill oil. Certain things in your system are supposed to be oxidised. Loren Cordain talks about this in his book (The Paleo Answer)--that part about going overboard with the supplements.

  5. yes -- since i first started Atkins i've preferred veggies over fruits in my diet.... i wish i didn't have the need for supplements, but there are just some things i can't absorb very well, so i'm grateful for them. people with undamaged "vehicles" don't know how lucky they are!