Wednesday, June 27, 2012

between the battles

I wanted to refresh my memory on something that J Stanton wrote quite a while ago, and of course ended up reading more than just that one article.  I also reread "Why Are We Here..." and came up with another good answer to that question, in the light of other bloggers' recent columns:  i often read and Hyperlipid and some others because it's RESTFUL to do so.  I sit back and read and learn with the confidence that these people have done their homework, and are intellectually honest enough to tell it like it is, rather than how they would like it to be.  I don't have the feeling they're trying to sell me something at every turn.

As long as i stay out of the comment section (or just read them selectively), i never see BS that insults my intelligence.  I never read anything that screams "rebut this."

When one eats in a way that flouts convention and its "wisdom," one gets very, very tired of explaining things to those who would like one to conform.  Now, when i had a chance to explain paleo/ancestral food theory to my niece this last spring, it was far from tedious because she was actually interested.  She may or may not do anything with the ideas i introduced, but that's her affair -- she's intelligent and fully capable of researching it on her own if she likes.  But to others (especially older people, i note), who seem to be incapable of thinking that "authority" could possibly be wrong ... it's utterly pointless.  They eat meals that are nothing but "sugar molecules holding hands" and "food-grade paint thinner" and refuse to think that their physical ills (and they have many) could have anything to do with their diets.  It's the epitome of frustration to me.

I hate to see people killing themselves with diet, especially people i love.  NOTICE:  if i pester you about your food choices, it means i CARE.  But don't imagine that i'm having fun doing it.

It offends me to hear bad advice given to people who need to be careful about what they eat -- it brings out the She Bear in my nature.  So to remove the temptation to get out the repeating rifle and climb a tall tower, i don't EVER visit certain websites, especially the ones full of healthywholegrains and vitriol.  I leave it to the Lords of Karma to give them their just desserts -- pun intended.

No -- at times like these i go to the sites where my sense of outrage is never aroused.  Bastions of cool, gracious intellect.  It's almost as though i'm sitting with them in a shady place with a great view, and there's a glass of wine at my elbow, and nobody says anything stupid.  Ahhhhh.

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