Monday, June 11, 2012

tomorrow is another day (duh)

Well, Oly got us safely home at last!  (Oly is my Volvo; i bought him in Salt Lake City slightly used by the Swedish Olympic team in 2002.)  One of the houseplants may not have survived our prolonged absence, but i see no other casualties....

Today was an accidental very-low-calorie day, which will help me to face the bathroom scale a little more staunchly tomorrow.  I haven't stepped on one in almost three weeks, so it might otherwise have been a little scary!

I'll be going back to the mostly-meat regimen now i'm home -- it just suits me better than any other i've tried.  I'm going to add some pickles this time, inspired by the recent discussion at The Scribble Pad as well as my satisfaction with the cucumbers i prepared with the "Nourishing Traditions" cookbook recipe.  It uses lacto-fermentation, and i frankly enjoy them MUCH more than the vinegar-based ones i've made.  Gotta hit the farmers' markets this week for more raw materials!

But it's getting late, and has been a long day -- good night!


  1. +1 on the pickle idea. I had my first real pickle of the season today!!!! I am not sure how they do their recipe, but try to add some fresh grape leaves if you can get them. It really makes them good.

  2. ooh -- i'm so close to wine country, if i can't find grape leaves i'm thoroughly incompetent! thanks for the idea!