Thursday, May 31, 2012

increase heat loss -- but how?

Reflecting on recent conversations about mood and season, and about vitamin D, and about cold therapy, i began to speculate on ways to improve health, well-being and -- you guessed it -- weight-loss.

The stream of consciousness goes something like this:  i can only benefit from being in the sun when it's not very hot because i don't metabolize heat well; i'm therefore obliged to get my vitamin D in supplement form; it would be nice to be able to dissipate heat more efficiently than i do; the cold-therapy enthusiasts have their way, but it won't do for me; maybe taking my icewater internally would do the job; if most hypothyroids have trouble being warm enough, why do i seem the opposite -- i'd better google it....

According to one source, hypothyroids can "run hot" because they're not converting enough fuel to energy (boy, does that sound familiar), so they're forced to get rid of it via the heat-production route.  The energy-production is scanty because of a dearth of specific nutrients, including coenzyme q10 -- which is acquired largely through biosynthesis.  AHA, think i!  Does this not look like YET ONE MORE thing my body needs help with (i.e., more supplementation)?

THEN i google "CoQ10 and hypothyroidism" and find ... a lot of unhelpful twaddle, but a hint that it might nevertheless be beneficial.  Of course it's not recommended, but screw that!  If i waited until the medical powers-that-be RECOMMENDED something, i'd be taking Synthroid, eat lots of carbs, weigh 300 pounds, and be positively miserable!

Voila -- two new ideas to feel more energetic and burn fat!  Next time i go out, i'll get some CoQ10, and in the meantime i'll try to drink lots of really cold stuff!  (I always did like popsicles....)


  1. Jack Kruse tell exactly how it is done. But I am not going to sit in tub of cold water for 2 hours, nor immerse my face in a sink of ice and water. Winter will do it also.

    It takes 30 calories to raise a liter of cold water to body temperature, but was that waste heat that the body needed to lose, or did it need to burn fat to get the energy? If you like being cold, you will burn calories to make up the difference. The issue with being cold is that it makes me hungry.

    All we really need to do is stop eating and learn to enjoy being hungry. Also really useful for starvation experiences.

  2. i DO like cold weather but it won't happen for a long time now, where I live.... :-) it only takes 30 calories??? that's not much!

  3. no pool. i could probably sneak into my neighbor's when they're out of town.... ;-)

  4. ...wait a minute -- didn't there used to be a sort of water-trough for people to use while sunbathing to stay cooler and get some reflected-sun action going on? hmmmm....

  5. I used to have a kiddie pool, but now I have upgraded to a cold tub.

  6. you've mentioned how much you like it! what kind of vessel do you use?