Thursday, May 17, 2012

addition to my supplement list

As a result of some discussions of inositol on Wooo's blog, i've decided to add it to my collection of daily supplements.  DAMN, that collection is getting extensive!  :-)  I don't take every single one of them every single day, but ... damn.

Inositol is not classified as a "vitamin" because we CAN make it for ourselves.  Danger signal for me:  i so obviously DON'T manufacture and absorb things like "normal" people, whenever i find out something like this -- especially if the word "thyroid" is in the description or pathway -- i have to learn more, and possibly try it for myself.

Information on the 'net about how to use it and what it interacts with, is a lot sketchier than with some of my other supplements -- the latter are carefully grouped so as to give me the most nutritional bang for my buck.  Tyrosine allies with copper (on the days i take it) early in the morning, and magnesium is scrupulously placed in the bedtime group.  But inositol?  Save for some psychiatric drugs (which are not in my repertory -- i take no prescribed pharmaceuticals), i can't find much about it competing or abetting....

On one site, i DID find a suggestion about it being lacking in hypothyroids, and on another was a hint that it might be excessively excreted in those whose carbohydrate tolerance is iffy.  The latter conclusion with me has been one of comparatively-recent realization; i've known for years that low-carb is best for me, but just how poor my tolerance is, is an ongoing revelation.  However, i've grown quite proud of how my health has improved as a result of my diet and supplement choices, because of the care i take to bolster the specific nutritional needs of my struggling thyroid gland AND conversion-of-T4-to-T3 (with my liver especially in mind).  Only my energy levels need improvement at this point.

So i encourage my readers with experience of inositol use to chime in and tell me what WebMD and the others don't (won't?)!  I tell ya, i learn more from you all and the other bloggers listed here, than i ever have from "official" health sources....

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