Thursday, May 3, 2012

being tourists

Today we visited a nearby town with some fun places to "play."  We went back to an antique store where i found some really kewl toys a couple of years ago; they had a few things i'd really like to add to the collection, but which would really be overindulgent to buy for myself.  :-)  I don't REALLY need that cruet set, even though it would look GREAT on my sideboard....  *sigh* ...I'll be sensible, and forgo it, as well as the beautiful cellarette that cost fifty percent more.

We also checked out a "kitchen toy store" run by a friend of my DIL -- such places are dangerous to me!  There's a wine and cheese shop in the back, too, and we felt quite noble about leaving the place with only one bottle in tow.  The shop next door had fun stuff as well. 

But the best place was a shop, the likes of which i'd never seen before:  it featured vessel after vessel of olive oils and vinegars which one could sample before buying.  It would be SO easy to end up with half a dozen of each, for various different culinary purposes!  I was restrained, though, and only bought one oil (which was so delicately flavored that i predict it will make a wonderful mayonnaise), and one balsamic vinegar delicious enough to enjoy on a simple salad with no other additive necessary.  I'm really looking forward to playing with them!

We're starting to feel a bit tired, though -- THAT part of aging is rather annoying.  No matter where one is, nothing is ever as comfortable as HOME.  I fear it won't be long till i start tapping the heels of my red shoes together....


  1. Oh, that shop sounds like a dream! My fave place is the little shop that has hundreds of kinds of hot sauce.

    1. the place was "DANGEROUS".... :-) in what city is your salsa shop?