Saturday, May 5, 2012

another new experience

We went to the poultry auction today.  It was VERY educational and interesting! 

I've been attracted to the idea of backyard chickens for the last year or two;  to my surprise, these birds are not only allowed in our neighborhood, but there have been some living there for quite awhile, and i was completely unaware of their presence.  A friend i knew in Utah (now in Texas) has a flock and is delighted with them; she's been very encouraging to me.

A pair of Mexican bobwhite quail were an inspiration.  Quails are TINY.  I could build a movable pen only a few square feet in size, and it would be adequate for their needs for quite awhile to come.  The males would become meat, and the eggs a delicacy -- as a base for cocktail-size scotch eggs, they're perfect.  The bidding went too high today, but i'm still interested.

When i get back home, i'll check out the local equivalent of this venue.  If nothing else, the price of eating-eggs is incomparable.  Probably also a place to find more local pastured food....

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