Thursday, May 10, 2012

conspiracy theory

Restaurants, food manufacturers, producers and grocers want us to eat more.  Grains and other starches make us do this, via a number of pathways, including opioids/addiction, ghrelin stimulation, insulin-induced hypoglycemia, glp-1 and FIAF suppression, ... and more that i'm not feeling anal enough to enumerate right now!  :-)

Saturated fat, accompanying protein, fills us up fast.  The entities listed above don't like that.  (I noticed, on my trip, that restaurant meals are skimpy with good fats; best thing you can do is ask for real butter, and add it to EVERYTHING.)

Advertisers for those entities, furthermore, know that people dread illness, especially the kind that comes from aging and overweight.  They're not above playing on those fears to try to get us to consume massive quantities of their CIAB, as they've convinced the modern world that a LFHC diet is "healthy."

(Have you ever noticed that "sick" people in commercials look like ... people, the sorts of people you see every day on the street?  When they're hawking their cereals or snacks or pharmaceuticals or whatever, the "patients" are now thin, active, happy and attractive specimens of their age-groups?  Real people with COPD or erectile disfunction don't actually look like that -- at least, not in my experience....)

So yeah -- i'm inclined to believe that a lot of businesses KNOW DAMNED WELL that their products are ruinous to health, in individuals and societies, economic and physical.  Some dare not back down for fear of humiliation and litigation, and others are too contemptibly selfish to care about anything but their own bottom-line.  It's nice to subscribe to a belief-system which tells me they won't get away with this kind of behavior forever.


  1. Whaaaat???? You're ED pals aren't dancin' 'round the barnyard with a washbasin bass and washboard abs? Maybe it is just like that here by the beach towns.

  2. lol.... damn, i'm always in the wrong place at the wrong time!

  3. Making us eat those 11 servings of grain a day is good for all kinds of business.

  4. it certainly is! mostly people i DON'T want to support....