Sunday, May 6, 2012

BIG discovery

Kindke finds the missing link.  I am in awe -- quite literally; i sit and stare into space while contemplating the simple elegance of it. 

It's very fashionable in some circles to sneer at what Dr. Atkins called the "metabolic advantage."  However, for those of us who not only lose weight better on low-carb diets but FEEL significantly better on them, we know it's real.  Dr. Lustig (who also works with REAL LIVE PATIENTS, not mice and rats) made a point in his talk at last year's Ancestral Health Symposium that quality of life is directly associated with the amount of energy one manages to burn.  As a hypothyroid who has always had vitality limitations, i believe this wholeheartedly.

Finally, Kindke points out what the mechanism is.  What makes it easy to "eat less and move more"?  Eating the right things -- duh.  For many of us, eating those lauded starches, those healthywholegrains, those FRUITSandvegetables, makes it HARD to do both.  His discovery fits in tidily with Dr. Donaldson's observation that, round about the fifth day of his "Strong Medicine" regimen, his patients found their morning walks a lot more do-able.

You gotta go read it in Kindke's words....

Oh -- and by the way, you should read Fred's article, too.

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