Wednesday, May 16, 2012

state of the weightion

We now interrupt our regular series of philosophizing and rants to bring you a progress report....  ;-)

The past month has been a little disorganized for me and my dietary explorations.  With one thing after another after another, i haven't been able to stay in a dull little groove of eating what i know is optimal and systematically testing other things.  The bad news is that i gained about three or four pounds, though half of it has gone already, and was probably mostly water anyway.  The good news is ... i've lost my appetite.

During each phase of this experience, i tried to keep my carbs and omega-6s from getting outrageously high, while acknowledging that they WOULD be notably higher than usual.  The problem with eating out is largely, to become satisfied one has to eat the potatoes, too.  ONLY at Billie's is the omelette big enough and full enough to be a complete meal -- bless their little hearts!  Most places, they're hopelessly wimpy.  And it's shocking how few places have REAL saturated fats on hand.  :-(

Feeling rather poorly one day in Virginia, when my husband planned a steak dinner i had him buy me a big fatty ribeye and cook it VERY rare -- that perked me right up.  Lesson -- restaurant food is usually lacking in the "vital force" which rawtarians praise but can't definitively describe; i think it's a combination of enzymes and ... what vampires crave.

When we were back home, all my guests were gone, and i looked forward to eating "normally" again (for me -- "really weird" for everybody else), i plunged back into the Strong Medicine regimen.  Only problem was, my stomach wasn't ready for it.  Three meals of that and i felt overloaded.  When i used StM before, i had a similar reaction which i attributed to lack of salt, but that wasn't to blame THIS time.  And like before, i'm reminded of Stefansson's men and their early loss of appetite.  I guess this reaction is to be expected EVERY TIME one transfers from a "balanced" diet to a VLC one.  The full digestive process needs time to get on board.

So yesterday i finished the kefir for breakfast and had coffee-with-cream for lunch, before eating my last patty of ground chuck with the leftover roasted okra.  (I put the leftover mashed yams in the freezer.)  Later this morning, WHEN i actually start to feel hungry, i'll cook the tenderloin filet that i thawed the day before yesterday, and eat it rare with a big dollop of GF butter.  I have another chuck roast thawing, to turn into more lovely juicy burgers, which i'll make a little smaller than the last ones:  see if that doesn't reduce the load on my digestive equipment!

I have ANOTHER out-of-town adventure coming up -- a living-history event the weekend of Memorial Day, and a visit to my daughter.  This time i'll do some preparation that will -- with any kind of luck -- keep me from confusing my body quite as much as the last trip did.


  1. It's hard to stick to it when life is hectic, isn't it? Funnily enough, I gained 4 lbs this month too, then lost 2 straight away. The other two won't budge unless I go VLC again. I'm eating less than 100 carbs on any given day and yet some weight has crept up. So much for moderation. Shows how strict some of us have to be.

    Good luck with getting back on the Strong Medicine regimen. As of next Friday I'm off work for 2 weeks and I plan to go on a "rare ribeye and lettuce" type of VLC diet. It kills appetite dead. :D

  2. sounds good, too. :-) i hope you have great luck with it! are you going to do anything else fun on your holiday?

  3. Not sure yet! Lots of seaside walks, hot baths, reading books unrelated to my job - the simple things in life. ;)

  4. a few of my favorite things! :-)