Monday, May 21, 2012

preparation and anticipation

The good mood continues today, despite lack of progress in the fat-loss department.  I only have myself to blame, as i haven't been doing the Strong Medicine program AS WRITTEN.  But according to Wooo, there's no way i CAN'T be burning fat, as my actual calorie intake is way low, and my carb intake almost nonexistent.  But if i think about stalling, it'll get me down -- so i'll change the subject!  ;-)

On Thursday, i take off for Texas, where i'm part of a club which holds members-only living-history weekends -- it's like grownups playing cowboys-and-indians!  Completely self-indulgent and rather narcissistic play-acting with a crowd of intelligent, personable and talented individuals, it's one of my favorite get-away-from-it-all activities!  My best friend of over 40 years will be there, too.  Good times!

Some living history is also known as reenactment, but the two are not synonymous:  a reenactor MAY just be put in appropriate clothing and told what to do, like a film-extra, but the best living-historians are so familiar with the physical and social conditions of the time and place they bring to life, that they might just blend in if taken there with a time machine.  Our goal is to "fool the camera" ... with wimp-outs when it comes to air-conditioning in the big saloon and in some private residences, as well as full amenities where we cook, eat, and clean up.  Meg and i have a little cabin of our own, though, with none of these "cheats"!   We use nothing but oil lamps, a wood-burning stove, hand-held fans, chamberpots, etc, and we LOVE it.  It's simple, quiet, charming and gracious.  I could go on and on....

...But i don't have time!  :-)  Now that i've had a bite of breakfast, it's back to the sewing room to finish my new work dress, because Minerva Jane Frazier (whom i'll be portraying this weekend for the first time) needs something unique to wear; we don't want her to be confused with Louise or Birdie or (heaven forbid) Rosa -- other characters i occasionally play.

Yep, PLAY.  I think this qualifies as one of those activities Mark Sisson advocates so ardently.  It does require a good deal of work (we also have to carry our water supply from the "well" to our cabin, which is "out of town"), but it's an unalloyed pleasure.  Wish we could do it more often!


  1. Well, it sounds like you will be obeying your circadian rhythms with those oil lamps. Maybe you should take up spinning, which is easy to do without the evil blue light.

  2. :-) i do know how to spin. i have carding combs and a drop spindle, but haven't been motivated enough to buy a wheel. i figured i do so many different "fiber arts" already (knit, crochet, tat, embroider as well as sew), i'll have to put off serious spinning and weaving till my next life....

    the trouble with our events and circadian rhythm is, i see some of these people so seldom, we do our "catching up" during evening hours ... and then suddenly it's 2 a.m.! :-D there's usually alcohol involved, too. (at the last event i attended, in January, i was doing the Personal Paleo Code, and didn't drink or eat a bit that wasn't allowed -- it was an exercise of discipline!)