Sunday, May 20, 2012

good-busy day

Last night, i began to compose a post explaining how i came to be so anti-modern-medicine, but i've decided to put it on the back burner.  At that time, i was feeling a bit cranky; yesterday had turned off uncomfortably warm, somebody across the street (a newcomer) was having a party with loud music, a neighborhood dog wouldn't quit yapping, and there was an almost constant series of sirens within earshot.  I slammed the windows closed and turned on the AC, but the booming of the neighbors' bass was still perceptible.  I blew the StM part of my diet by finishing the (low-carb) coconut ice cream, to help get cooler fast.  GRRRRR....

I almost slept the clock around.  I usually only do that when i'm shaking off a cold virus.

Stress is an ugly thing, even if you don't really notice it AS stress.  Obviously, i was more stressed yesterday than i was aware of (please pardon my grammar -- this is turning into quite a bad habit for me).  First the heat (it got into the 90s here), then a lot of interruptions, then the noise ... and i HATE noise.

All that sleep helped.  My energy today has been above average, and the project i started yesterday (making a new dress for the living-history event coming up next weekend) has been progressing well.  Had a great bacon-and-egg scramble for breakfast and am cooking another ground-chuck patty for dinner as i write.  Good-busy.

Because "busy" comes in different flavors:  stressful-busy, can't-catch-up-to-myself busy, no-way-on-god's-earth-i-can-finish-in-time busy, having-so-much-fun-i-haven't-stopped-to-eat busy, and so on.  Today's busy-ness has been enjoyable, like eustress is.  The seemingly-effortless sense of accomplishment when all goes well just feels good!

"Thank you, sir, may i have another?"  :-)


  1. Aw, I would love to read that entry! But you're right, sometimes you just need to step back and take a deep breath.

  2. oh, i'm sure it'll get finished and posted eventually. :-) my event-preparation is foremost in my sights right now. i'll finish the dress today, and start carrying trunks and things downstairs -- hope the bursitis in my right knee stays "asleep"!