Friday, May 4, 2012

day off!


Spenser is apparently allergic to something here!  He kept me awake most of the night with his scratching, squirming, panting (denotes stress in this dog), and otherwise DRIVING ME CRAZY!  ...I know, short trip.  :-)  I just gave him an antihistamine, so i hope he'll be more comfortable today.

Because of lack of sleep, i decided to be a complete vegetable today.  The guys have already taken a load of trash to the dump this morning, and have been mowing the "alley" on the edge of the pasture, and now are on another trip to the store.  DIL is catching up on HER internet chores, and MIL is writing a letter.... 

The incubating quail eggs started hatching yesterday!  Cute little things -- but then again, almost every baby creature is cute, even the human ones.  ;-)  The goats in the front pasture were brought into the yard nearer the house last evening, so when i looked out of the window this morning, there they were.  A kid was standing on one of the doghouses until she got in the mood for breakfast; another mama-goat was standing on one of the lawn chairs -- sturdy wood, thank heavens. 

Thanks to FreeCycle, there are quite a few toddler-sized yard toys around for the goats to climb on:  they LOVE that sort of thing.  ...I wonder if they use the slides, as well as jumping onto and off of the forts, picnic tables and doghouses?  The guinea hogs, dogs and poultry enjoy the wading pools, but it really hasn't been warm enough for them to do a lot of that during this visit.  Last time we were here, the dogs got annoyed because one of the hogs kept fouling their drinking-water -- they came a-running to drive him away from it just as he was climbing in; he was grunting and they were barking and we were laughing at the show.  Who needs television when you have animals to watch?

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