Saturday, May 12, 2012

back in the saddle

Okay:  i'm fired up to start being perfect again!  :-)

It's SO easy to eat and sleep the way i should when i'm by myself ... it makes me feel guilty!  Selfish.  When others are around, even my husband who is supportive of my choices, i frequently sabotage my ideal diet.  THAT is my weakness, MY failure of willpower.

Every failure, though, is a learning experience.  What i learned on this last trip is that even though i know where to go and what to order in restaurants to get a low-carb meal, i have to be careful to get a large enough serving of protein, and i need to ask for butter to augment the usually-low fat content of commercially-available meat.  I would have thought that i'd learned that before, but it took the Strong Medicine regimen to teach me what satiation properly feels like.  Red-meat protein and saturated fat.  Period.

The fact that i can SENSE additive ingredients in certain meat products is a clue to how i should order meals.  I have to ASSUME that even a hamburger in a respectable restaurant is going to contain more carbs than one i make at home, and reduce vegetables in my diet accordingly.  ASSUME that bacon will be sugar-cured (ditto for ham), and that "cheese" won't be like the stuff i choose at the grocery.  ASSUME that the seasoning on a steak will contain suspicious ingredients, and the steak itself will be "select" grade*, rather than "choice."  ASSUME that the olive oil EVEN IN SUPERIOR RESTAURANTS will actually be a blend.  Disgusting but true.  :-(

On the road, i'm going to have to assume that they're sneaking carbs into me, so the only way to be truly LCHF is to order like a ZC.

*  it's an interesting thing that, when i was in college taking animal-science classes, the grade which is now "select" used to be called just "good."  the low-fat propaganda caused the industry to redefine its terms.  "good" just doesn't sound good ENOUGH.  :-P


  1. Yep, I'm the same. Eating out, eating in but around other people, going on holidays - it's tough. I fully accept personal responsibility for eating the wrong things when faced with social pressure etc. In theory I could just say no to sugar, but I don't always. Although my OH is fully on board with the VLC thing, I too find it hard to stick to it when we're travelling etc. I wish I had more - there's that dreaded word - willpower.

  2. :-) no kidding!!! my husband got "the best available" seats for the three of us at the baseball game friday night -- a "party room" that came with snacks! when he sat down beside me with the plateful of nachos, i suffered a dangerous case of self-indulgence.... (at least i was able to resist the beer.)

    the Cardinals lost 7-9 in the twelfth inning. :-P