Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the power of good news and positive attitude

I was "bad" yesterday.  It didn't start out that way, but i worked my way down from black coffee for breakfast, to sushi for lunch ... to cocktails and red-beans-and-rice with my oysters and "alligator eggs" (bacon-wrapped scallops) for dinner at the Swamp Shack.  This morning i'm hungry.  :-(

So, of course, i felt emotionally as well as physically uncomfortable ... but i'm better now.  In my emailbox there were a few cheerful items, and ditto on facebook.  I've had several cordial communications there as well.

I'm a big fan of pronoia -- Rob Brezsny's work has been inspirational to me.  It has encouraged me to do things like ... avoid reading blogs that are full of unpleasant, misleading and ill-natured raving*.  ;-)

As Brezsny points out, the news media can be "addictive" as well as depressing; they seem to think that people WANT to hear the worst.  Is it because people with difficulties like to know that others can have more troubles, misery loving company?  Intentionally stirring up bad feeling, in my humble opinion, is despicable.  Not that the "ignorance is bliss" attitude is WISE, but one needs to sort of keep the world at arm's-length so as not to be overwhelmed by it....

A relative i will not mention (now departed) used to become easily irritated -- tell me, how could that help him, or anyone else for that matter?  What good can one possibly get from becoming annoyed by little things?  Is it not a lot more intelligent to shrug off the dumb little things that happen around one, and maintain aplomb under the influence of things one cannot help (like traffic)?

Aggravations will happen.  I think we can expect them to be as inevitable as death and taxes.  Does it make us feel better to let them bother us, though, or does it make us feel worse?
*  a little rant can be relieving to one's frustrated feelings, but i believe in limits....  ;-)

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