Thursday, March 22, 2012

slippery slopes

Since the time i began eliminating "neolithic" foods from my diet, any try at reintroducing them illustrates to me how bad i feel under their influence, and how addictive my body finds them.  Small servings of certain carbohydrates fuel a strong desire for more (this might be why:

Yesterday morning, i felt stressed -- bad starting point.  I suspect that the circumstances (workman coming to fix my security system for heaven-knows-how-long, as well as wondering how extensive the damage was going to be) were exacerbated by the damp weather.  Humidity can help to set off allergic issues even worse for people who are inclined to mold sensitivity and candida overgrowth.  Even though my diet is low in the things that encourage candida, i'm VERY sensitive to mold.  Therefore, deciding to have a little hot sake with my lunch was an error in judgement.

One of the things your gut bacteria can do is turn carbohydrates to alcohol and send them racing into your bloodstream.  Four ounces of sake added to the self-produced alcohol created a minor buzz completely out of proportion with the actual amount i drank.  I decided to have a handful of macadamias, too.

Later, i felt a sugar craving -- highly unusual with me.  I retrieved an almost-forgotten stash of SUGAR-FREE jelly beans, and had a couple of tablespoonsful.  It was hard to stop there, but i did.

I ended up at many more carb-grams (and a few more total calories) than are common for me, at the end of the day.  The polyol-induced gas i endured as a fitting "reward" for my indulgence.  This story could be part of a modern Aesop collection, because the moral is so blatant:

Physical and mental stressors incline one to do things that are counter-productive to wellbeing.  THIS is one of the times to dig in your heels, and resist a single step down this road, because there are too many forces working together to sweep your feet completely out from under you, and carry you to entirely undesirable destinations.

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  1. I hear you. Stress and trigger foods are a terrible combination. It can be so hard to say "no" to yourself in that moment, to deny yourself that treat, because long term goals just don't seem that sexy when you're anxious and looking at a bag of candy.

    Let's just breathe deep and try to stay the course, and not let slips become disasters.