Saturday, March 3, 2012

off-topic holiday

<sigh of content>

My husband and i spent the day "drinking in" Napa valley and its wines -- we took the "wine train" and enjoyed the heck out of it!  :-) 

Delightful wines and food:  every course was just wonderful!  We shared tastes of each other's choices, and they were all delicious.  He had a seafood appetizer and the soup du jour (potato-leek), and i had a flourless ravioli starter and apple-endive salad.  My grilled salmon came with shrimp risotto garnished with parmesan cheese, and his seared tuna steak with various vegetables.  YUM.

After wandering around the train (enjoying its period charm) and tasting more local wines, we returned to our observation car to enjoy dessert -- goat cheesecake and "chocolate pot pie".

Again ... <sigh>

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  1. Oh, Tess, this sounds wonderful. Enjoy, enjoy!