Friday, March 2, 2012

and even more blinding light

Oh boy....  Just the other day i was exchanging comments with Steph about the studies that indicate low-carbing inhibits thyroid function; i wondered if the subjects might be confirmed glucose-burners (because it can sometimes take awhile to achieve metabolic flexibility).

Today, while surfing around other people's links, i found something which illuminates the situation -- check THIS out!  Dr. Cate explains what happens and why, and how one can get around one's body's limitations so as to benefit from the perks of low blood sugar and insulin.  YEA!

This is not the first time that "the rules" didn't seem to apply to MY body!  When i hear blanket recommendations for certain health practices from "experts" (who have maybe read a couple of studies, but who have no experience of handling the condition, in themselves or patients), i want to tell them to shut the #$%& up!!! 

You HAVE to learn to decipher the messages your body is giving you -- and your body does NOT necessarily speak your language!  In some, the craving for sweets or snack foods isn't a message that you need carbs, but rather that you have an addiction to them, and would do well treating them with distrust.

I can't sufficiently praise food-elimination programs like the Personal Paleo Code!  If your sensitivity to a particular food doesn't send you acute symptoms, you may miss your body's signal that it's problematic -- AND it may have more of an impact on your quality of life than you realize.

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