Friday, March 30, 2012

to hell in a hand-basket

The world we live in isn't what it used to be, but the problem is not what most "good-old-days-ers" might tell you it is.  The BIG problem is that things which are meant to nourish us -- things essential for LIFE -- have been denatured to toxicity.

First and above everything else, the human body requires air containing a quantity of oxygen appropriate for our biology, but not containing an excess of poisonous components.  Our air is burdened with industrial effluvia and pesticides.  Raise your hand if you've never had respiratory allergy symptoms....

Second, we mammals must have water.  Not only is it unsafe to drink from groundwater supplies in much of the world, even our sanitized tapwater is DELIBERATELY POISONED with fluoride in most US cities -- a toxic industrial waste-product.  Wanna go for the clean stuff, and drink bottled water?  Ever hear of BPA?  How about filters?  ...No, faucet-mounted filters and those clumsy pitchers don't get out the poison, either -- gotta spend much bigger money for something halfway effective.

"Give us this day our daily bread" might have worked a hundred years ago, but not any more.  Wheat, especially, has been bred out of production.  What, you say?  The wrapper says that it contains 100% whole wheat!  You know, that healthywholegrain!  [laugh of derision....]  No, sweetie, that's not wheat; it has been hybridized to the extent that your great-great-great-grandfather, the farmer, wouldn't recognize the stuff if he found it in his fields.  What you're eating is goatgrass.  No civilization has EVER subsisted on goatgrass.  This hybrid that is lauded for its per-acre yield and hardiness contains proteins that the human body NEVER used until the latter half of the twentieth century.  You tell me you'd never heard of gluten intolerance till lately?  What a coincidence!

I won't even START to discuss large-scale meat, dairy, poultry and egg industries.  There's a special place in hell for the people who introduced the current usages, and for those who continue to practice this horror.  And don't bother to argue that we couldn't feed the world without modern agricultural practices; that has been debunked by better minds than mine.

Right, left and center, our well-being has been undermined by Modern Civilization, and it has NOTHING to do with moral codes.  Sociological behaviors of individuals are irrelevant -- a DISTRACTION.  News flash:  we're being manipulated!  It's a satisfaction to me that the Lords of Karma will sort it all out in the end, because the modern human cupidity which created and proliferated this mess hasn't got a prayer of untangling it. 

It's also a satisfaction to me that the Mercury Retrograde has less than a week to go -- looking backward has been a depressing exercise this time around!  Moving forward again will be a profound relief.

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