Monday, March 12, 2012

still one unresolved allergy....

A zit appeared on my chin yesterday morning.  Damn.  That means there's STILL something in my diet that shouldn't be there.

When i went from the Personal Paleo Code to Strong Medicine, the slight flushing on my nose and cheeks i used to get in the evenings got better.  Before i started all this, i blamed it on wine.  When it didn't go away on the PPC, i suspected it was either the nuts (i used a lot of coconut milk during that month) or the eggs (a dozen and a half per week).  On SM, i expected that pimples would be a thing of the past, too.

Now, bearing in mind that i haven't been PERFECT this past week, it doesn't have to be the meat i've been eating, the coffee i've been drinking, or the slices of lime i've put in my six glasses of water a day.  BUT, since i've been back at home, the only other things i've had are a small acorn squash, some butter, and 4 oz. of sake (unless i'm forgetting something).  The things i ate before leaving California are not out of the question, however; some reactions take awhile to manifest.

*Sigh* ...  I'm going to have to try another experiment; that's the only way to erase ALL the question marks.  From last night on, it's black tea, not coffee, with my otherwise-compliant diet.  (Wish i liked green tea, but something about it puts me off.)  I could have removed the lime/lemon from my water first, but plain water-drinking is something i have so little enthusiasm for, i might not drink enough ... and i suspect that my mostly-meat diet requires more flushing away.  I've  read that people who have food sensitivities can react to coffee as well, so that is -- unfortunately -- a possibility.  :-(


  1. Some of the stuff being sold as butter is suspect. When we see a caloric density of 6 in butter, what did they use for dilution? Good butter should have a CD of close to 8. Caseins, dairy proteins, may also be a problem for some of us. Digestion products of casein, peptides, can be opoiods, and/or converted to carbohydrates.

  2. you're right, but i didn't have very much (maybe two ounces), and it was a good brand. i'm first going after the thing i consume more of, and if coffee isn't "it" i'll work with the other "suspects."

  3. whoa -- just had a thought! maybe it's old toxins being released by my fat-cells? hmmmm....

  4. Tess, have you looked at the FailSafe elimination diet?

    It cleared up some things for me.

    Here is another page by Emma, on why some of us don't do well on green tea:

    Do you rest your hand on your chin? That can cause skin troubles. Also, laundry products.

    Changing the pillowcases for clean ones more often took care of some skin troubles for me, too.

    Dr. D says that the water in between meals can be boiled. I have found that soothing and restorative, quite pleasant.

    Best wishes to you! :)

  5. I've been squeezing a whole lemon once a day, with a pinch of baking soda and some cool water - HEAVEN! I never know what to make of that whole acid/alkaline diet thing, but lemon water (or lime water) really works for me.

  6. H, i only just heard about the FailSafe diet recently -- possibly from one of your comments! i'll have a look. :-) i would have thought that i was already on one of the most eliminatory of diets!

    Steph, i tried to find out about the pH-balancing thing some time ago, and it never made sense to me.... what do you find that the baking soda does, give your drink a touch of effervescence and depth of flavor?

  7. ...gee, i hope it's not the amines in my "fresh fat meat" -- what a pain it would be to have to "butcher to order" and forgo that great pastured pork i just found!

  8. it's obviously "addendum day"! i just finished a big glass of water with more than the usual amount of lime, and my hands started feeling puffy! citrus is going bye-bye!!!

  9. Tess, the baking soda makes the drink fizzy and fun, but it does more than that because lemon juice plus baking soda makes me feel fantastic in a way that just lemon juice doesn't.