Tuesday, March 20, 2012

back on track

Yesterday i indulged in a fat-fast, to rid my body of the poor effects of my weekend intake.  I consumed a full can of coconut milk, divided between three or four cups of coffee, and a couple of tablespoons of butter (i bought two "new" brands at the import grocery, and needed to taste them for preference).  I wasn't hungry at all.

I'm a half-pound up from where i was on Friday, but i imagine it was because of drinking too little water yesterday.  I also woke up this morning with a stuffier head than usual -- support for the suspicion that i have a minor sensitivity to nuts.  Thank heaven for neti-pots!  :-) 

Having overslept a bit, i didn't get the walk done before breakfast, but Spenser doesn't care if we do it later in the day, so long as we do it.  I had my half-pound of ground lamb for breakfast with a cup of coffee, and i'm well into my morning jug of water.  The last of the pot-roast will be dinner, and supper will be a liver dish (with onions AND bacon) that i found in an old Scottish cookery book.  ...I'm DETERMINED to find a way to enjoy liver, in addition to foie gras!

I spent much of yesterday reading the archives of Pal Jabekk's blog, Ramblings of a Carnivore; Sunday i did the same on Lucas Tafur's.  The latter often stretches my understanding, when it's not completely over my head.  The former is very accessible.  Both have taught me a great deal about physiology which my body can corroborate!  THAT is the important bit -- over the last year or two, i've read a huge amount that SOUNDS plausible, but which doesn't pan out in practice.

Conscious intermittent-fasting and carb refeeding, conscious hormesis-inducing behaviors had the ring of truth, but like the failed low-fat hypothesis, seem not to make much of an impact on my body.  The Shangri-La oil-guzzling technique, on the other hand, works WITH the Strong Medicine protocol THROUGH Peter Dobromylskyj's description of FIAF (fasting induced adipose factor).

WOW.  Makes ya feel like you know what "42" means....

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