Saturday, March 17, 2012

time for another progress report

Although weight loss isn't as fast as it was before, i'm still getting positive results with the Strong Medicine protocol.  This last week, i dropped below 27.0 BMI -- about fifteen pound lost since the first of the year.  The mostly-meat diet has been wonderful for my digestive tract, once i broke Donaldson's rule and put sea-salt on it.

That CA trip a couple of weeks ago has a lot to answer for.  The indulgences in cheese, fruit, chocolate and wine, and schlepping around my heavy bags, had quite an impact on my joints -- especially Ralph.  The shoulder and left knee are all better now.  The right hip is twinge-ing a little today with the rainy weather (and my sinuses went insane after doing laundry in the damp basement yesterday).  Elevation and heat improved Ralph somewhat -- i need to do more of it.

The tyrosine i added to my supplement intake hasn't made much of an impact, though i'm careful to take it with copper and without other amino acids.  I guess i need to try increasing the dose....

Most of my life i've awakened in the morning with NO interest in eating right away -- i'll bet it has to do with what i've found since i started experimenting with a glucose meter:  my liver is very adept at gluconeogenesis on a low-carb diet!  I wake up with plenty of fuel on board, and my body sees no reason to augment it.  As it's crucial to have a good-sized high-fat/protein breakfast on the SMD, i have to make myself do it, and i've found that ground meat goes down best.  I've also found that i like to grind my own; when i find chuck roasts on sale i snag 'em quick.

For the first time in 20 years, i actually have a realistic hope of reaching my goal weight!  The "sacrifice" in food variety i'm making now is child's-play.  I'm never hungry, compared with my old low-fat days; i'm not spending hours making lists and shopping and cooking for some regimen that doesn't produce results; i feel fit and strong, while exerting very little effort in making it happen.  If it weren't for Ralph, i'd feel great in my body!

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  1. Tess, this is so great! I'm so glad your program is working for you and you're feeling energized and are moving toward your goal. Keep up the great work!