Monday, March 19, 2012

semi-fasting day

My husband and i tried a new restaurant on Saturday evening; we probably shouldn't have, though we generally love trying new places.  I had a night of poor sleep and "unhappy" guts, even if i had no overt distress, and a disinclination for breakfast yesterday.

Today, it's back to discipline, beginning with a fat-fast before resuming my usual ULC (ultra-low) regimen.  I had frothed coconut milk in my coffee for the first time in a month -- and very satisfying it was!  :-) 

...So, how do you keep coconut milk fluid, in the spring and fall???  Summertime, it needs no help, and in winter i set the can on top of the kitchen floor grating (i have an old-fashioned "gravity" furnace in my old house).  Pot-pourri heater, maybe?  Hmmmm....

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